At heart, we are a collaborative culture invigorated by challenge.

- At heart, we are a collaborative culture invigorated by challenge.

Around our office, you'll find a strong team environment and committed approach to really getting to know our clients.

We dive deeply into our clients' world to provide solutions that go far beyond the obvious.



 1. Function to meet aesthetics and create atmosphere: we believe in going beyond just planning and providing spaces, rather we believe in bringing design life to your project need.


2. We believe in providing the best in design thinking. We process and understand design as the continuum of the consulting and planning process. It is the breath and life of a built environment's expression.


3. Our team has both local and global expertise to manage any size program, beginning with finance and site selection, all the way through design and construction.


4. Teamwork is the foundation of all SABEEL AL-HANDASAH relationships. We enjoy our work, and we enjoy working with our clients and partners to successfully achieve common goals.


5. We provide high standards quality services, through performing honesty, credibility and professionalism.


6. Our designs attempt to capture the entire picture. We engage human emotion and human spirit. Our philosophy uses proven approaches that generate ideas and inspire collaboration with our clients before, during and after the project is completed. Working together, we invest in buildings that respect the past, yet are rooted in the present and directed toward the future.